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Collider-Accelerator Department  

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C-ADCES Group Members
  Ext. Pager Email Bldg Room
             Nicholas Franco    *       GL 5467 (c) 252-3991 franco@bnl.gov 923 14
             Frank Donato         * 4620 7131 fdonato@bnl.gov 923 11
             Frank Naase          * 5131 (c) 208-7033 fnaase@bnl.gov 923 6 & 8
             Jay Woods             * 2932 7222 jwoods@bnl.gov 911 218
             Bill Eisele             2143 7643 weisele@bnl.gov 923 4
             Yvette Hayes             2833   yhayes@bnl.gov 923 18
             Patrick Bynum       *      3472   pbynum@bnl.gov 923 20
             Patrick Harris        *    5125  (c) 926-3359 pharris@bnl.gov 923 22B
             Kyle Kulmatycski             3343   kkulmatycski@bnl.gov 923 1
             Network Hub Room      7856     911 219

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Support Request Form

* C-AD Department SYS-ADMIN

C-AD Phone Book  
BNL Home Page  
BNL Phone Book  
BNL Standards Based Management System (SBMS)  
BNL Training Home Page  
PeopleSoft Financials (restricted to Intranet)  
PeopleSoft HR (restricted to Intranet)  
Time Entry (restricted to Intranet)  
Network Support Eisele/Naase/Franco
Call-in List (firewall protected)  
Network Drawings Bill Eisele
Node Information Nick Franco
BBX File Search Frank Donato
Network Equipment Locations Frank Naase
Network Speed Test (firewall protected) Bill Eisele
Network Status (firewall protected) Frank Naase
C-AD Operations Group Home Page (firewall protected)  
C-AD Status Broadcast Messages  
Department Web Application Development/Support Franco/Donato
C-ADWEB Donato/Franco
C-ADNAS Donato/Naase
H.E.E.P (High Energy Equipment Pool) Nicolellis
HEEP Web Based Inventory  
NIM Equipment  
Power Supply & NIM Bin Repair  
Instrument Calibration & Repair Nicolellis
Fluke Website  
LeCroy Website  
Department PC & Mac Support Woods/Naase/Bynum
Hardware Procurement Woods/Naase
Software Procurement Woods/Naase
Repair & Re-Issue Woods/Naase/Bynum
IP Request Forms   Bynum/Franco
Request Assistance Bynum/Franco
IP Request Bynum
IP Range Request Bynum
IP Change Bynum
Network Printers Naase/Donato
Link To Print Server  
Printers Status  
Releasing Web Content to Public Servers Bynum
Web Content Release Menu  
Cyber Security Bynum
Conference/Workshop Support Franco/Naase/Donato/Bynum
Conference & Workshop Web Applications Franco/Donato
Conference/Workshop Support & Networking Naase/Bynum/Donato/Franco
Web/Application Development Donato/Hayes/Franco
Video Conference Support Donato
Small Conference Room Donato
 C-ADCES Resources  
Password Generator  
911 Rm241H Scanner User's Guide  
Snyder Seminar Room - Instructions for Using Projector  
Snyder Seminar Room - Backup Projection System  



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